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Image A Bittersweet Life

A Bittersweet Life

Release Date 2005-03-31
Runtime 120 minutes
Genres Action, Drama, Crime
Stars Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Kim Yeong-cheol, Hwang Jung-min, Kim Roi-ha
Directors Ryu Seong-hie, Kim Jee-woon, Kim Jee-woon, Lee Eugene, Oh Jung-wan

Kim Sun-woo is an enforcer and manager for a hotel owned by a cold, calculative crime boss, Kang who assigns Sun-Woo to a simple errand while he is away on a business trip; to shadow his young mistress, Heesoo, for fear that she may be cheating on him with a younger man with the mandate that he must kill them both if he discovers their affair.