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Image The Dawns Here Are Quiet

The Dawns Here Are Quiet

Release Date 1972-06-06
Runtime 188 minutes
Genres Drama, History, War
Stars Andrey Martynov, Irina Dolganova, Elena Drapeko, Ekaterina Markova, Olga Ostroumova
Directors Stanislav Rostotsky, Stanislav Rostotsky, Boris Vasilev, Boris Vasilev, Kirill Molchanov

In a remote village in Karelia, Sergeant Vaskov commands an anti-aircraft unit that protects a rail depot. While his men are transferred to the front line, he is reprimanded for their unruly behavior. He retorts that he wants replacements that aren't drunks or womanizers. In response, he is assigned a unit made up entirely of young women, fresh from training.