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Image Maria Clara and Ibarra

Maria Clara and Ibarra

Release Date 2022-12-06
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Barbie Forteza, Julie Anne San Jose, Dennis Trillo, Tirso Cruz III, Manilyn Reynes
Directors Zig Madamba Dulay, Aloy Adlawan

Klay, a Gen Z nursing student who wakes up and finds herself in the world of Jose Rizal’s novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

1. The Beginning


Klay is a careless student, particularly in her Rizal course. However, a special request from her professor will make her understand the significance of history.

2. That's Noli


Klay was baffled when she woke up in a different location after reading the book given to her by her professor. She'll be even more surprised to discover that the people she's with are characters from the book she's reading.

3. Klay Meets Ibarra


Klay was astounded when she met Crisostomo Ibarra after meeting Maria Clara. Will she finally believe she's living inside 'Noli Me Tángere?'

4. Tinola


To keep Crisostomo Ibarra and Padre Damaso from fighting, Klay decided to follow the former wherever he went.

5. The Enemy


Crisostomo Ibarra learns the reason behind his father's demise. How will he accept this unpleasant news especially since the person who caused it is close to their family.

6. I Came from the Future


Ibarra is adamant on finding out about Klay's original whereabouts. What will happen when he discovers she is from the future?

7. Klay's Earring


Maria Clara's and Crisostomo Ibarra's meeting was cut short when the gentleman had to leave to visit his father's grave. At the same time as his departure, the latter witnessed Klay's kind heart when she found a way to free a woman who was imprisoned.

8. Robber Alert


Padre Damaso appears to be irritated by Maria Clara's visit to San Diego. Meanwhile, will Klay, Crisostomo Ibarra, and Fidel arrive safely?

9. Marites


What will Crisostomo Ibarra discover when he arrives at their home in San Diego? Can he find here the answer to the questions that are troubling his mind?

10. All Saints' Day


Crisostomo Ibarra was furious after finding out what had happened to his father's lifeless body. Who might have given the order to do such a thing?

11. Self-control


Ibarra finds out that Padre Damaso was the one who gave orders to move his father's grave. Will he ever find justice for his family?

12. Episode 12


Klay tries to change the course of the story of Noli Me Tangere after telling to Sisa the fate of her children. Will Crispin and Basilio admit the friar's abuse?

13. Spy


Klay seems restless when Sisa does not listen to her complaints about the abuse that Crispin and Basilio endured at the hands of the priest. Can Crisostomo Ibarra do something to prevent the girl's predictions from coming true?

14. The Sermon


Father Salvi's anger towards Crisostomo Ibarra begins to grow after he hears about what Maria Clara and the gentleman talked about. Can their disagreement be addressed, or will things only get worse?

15. Fan


What could be the reason and why Klay still doesn't want to reveal herself to Maria Clara? Will the two finally meet after the girl from the future follows the woman of the past?

16. Jealousy


Because of Klay's meddling, Padre Salvi found out about her existence and is eager to do something about it

17. Hopia That Cannot Be Sold


Crispin and Basilio will be forced to return to the church due to Father Salvi's serious accusation. Will Klay and Crisostomo Ibarra be able to help them?

18. Episode 18


Klay can't seem to resist the feelings she has for Crisostomo Ibarra. Will she be able to fight her desire or will she let her heart have its way?

19. Episode 19


Klay (Barbie Forteza) will momentarily forget her feelings for Crisostomo Ibarra (Dennis Trillo) after they receive the bad news brought by Sisa (Andrea Torres). What actually happened to her kids, and why does the young lady look shocked by this information?

20. Dream


The guards are looking for Crispin and Basilio because it has been claimed that they fled after robbing Padre Salvi. What can Klay and Crisostomo Ibarra do to help Sisa's family escape this problem?

21. Surprise Visit


Klay discovers a way out of 'Noli Me Tangere'. But, she is worried about the people inside the book. Will she take the easy way out or continue to help them out?

22. Klay and Clara


Sisa's mind is gradually being destroyed during her imprisonment. Can Klay do anything to help before she leaves the novel?

23. Confession


Klay gathers up all her courage to bravely confronts Father Salvi about Crispin's sudden disappearance and his heavy accusations against the two brothers.

24. Fidel to the Rescue


Crisostomo Ibarra was not happy with what Klay did to Father Salvi and because of this he said some hurtful words to the young lady.

25. Nursing Sisa


Klay had a good intention for taking care of Sisa after finding her wandering the street. But, doing so would be challenging due to the latter's deteriorating condition.

26. Farewell


Klay is determined to go home but with her new found feelings with Ibarra (Dennis Trillo), will she be able to go home without any regrets?

27. Blood Moon


Will Klay finally be able to return to the real world, or will there be enough reason for her to stay inside the novel?

28. Mission


To finish her mission in the world of Noli Me Tangere, Klay decided to stay inside the novel. Will the young woman's ambition be accomplished with the aid of Crisostomo Ibarra?

29. Face to Face


Maria Clara and Klay will cross paths once again, and this time the girl from the future will not be able to avoid the lady in the past.

30. Harana is Now in Style


When Maria Clara discovered the secret that Klay and Crisostomo Ibarra had been keeping from her, she was infuriated. Will she be able to forgive her partner's mistakes?

31. Episode 31


32. Episode 32


33. Episode 33


34. Episode 34


35. Episode 35


36. Episode 36


37. Episode 37


38. Episode 38


39. Episode 39


40. Episode 40


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42. Episode 42


43. Episode 43


44. Episode 44


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46. Episode 46


47. Episode 47


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50. Episode 50